M is for... Miley (for twerk's sake) Spare-us

Okaaaaay... Has everyone officially gone mental? What's going on? Seriously? What is wrong with you? I have broken my blog silence to give you all the following news:


For real, I will break down in small steps the way I have interpreted her recent goings on:

C is for... Christian Domestic Discipline(/Violence)

Sorry I've been AWOL again. Busy with work and that. But I have decided that talking about messed up stuff is way more fun, so here I am folks; back with another excellent religious topic: Christian Domestic Discipline.

And yes, that IS to be confused with Christian Domestic Violence.

In a nutshell, it's a way of life that promotes wife beating in the Christian community...

Detailed in the Beginning Domestic Discipline's "Beginner's Packet," a 54-page document that lays out the basic principles and practices of CDD, is the following explanation:

"Domestic discipline is the practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of the household (HoH) takes the necessary measures to achieve a healthy relationship dynamic; the necessary measure to create a healthy home environmental and the necessary measures to protect all members of the family from dangerous or detrimental outcomes by punishing the contributing, and thus unwanted, behaviors for the greater good of the family."

M is for... Mother (F***er) Teresa

Alright? So, I've been absent. Sorry. Had LOTS going on these past few weeks... But I'm back (back, again), and I thought I'd take some time to slag of Mother Teresa.

Someone referred to me the other day as Mother Teresa. Now, you know, I am good. Unfortunately, this supposed compliment actually left me MORTALLY OFFENDED. And then I remembered: not everyone's aware of MT's horrendous-ness!

In all the universe of religious experience, few figures are so beloved as the Catholic nun known to the world as Mother Teresa. The official biography holds that she selflessly devoted her life to ministering to the poorest of the poor in the slums of Calcutta, suffering through poverty and deprivation nearly as great as that of her patients without complaint, and asking no reward except the knowledge of doing God’s will. She was a beloved figure to millions and a trusted counselor to powerful leaders and celebrities worldwide; was showered with rewards and honours during her life, and attracted huge crowds as she lay in state after her death.

P is for... Playaa Slayers!

Got pointed in the direction of this book last night:

...And couldn't put it down. It's interesting.

Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male, suggests we’re missing the big picture. “Romantic” young men who feel “great affection” for the women they bed outnumber the tosser; but they’ve been drowned out by a toxic cultural message, argues Andrew P. Smiler.

I've been thinking about this for a while now... The idea that guys aren't really as bad as girls make out. Take Valentine's Day, for instance. The amount of effort that my male friends willingly put in for their girlfriends took me aback. But why did it? How very rude of me! It got me thinking that perhaps girls are fed vicious rumours about boys that generally aren't true...

P is for... Pope ain't Dope.

So, the Pope resigned. Did you hear? Oh, he's tired and poorly (from blessing Ferraris, denying women birth control and carrying all that gold around his neck)? How awful!


This was one headline I read: "World Reacts with Shock and Grief as Pope Resigns”... For real?

When he leaves at the end of this month, Pope Benedict XVI will be leaving behind a Church broken by sex abuse scandals and a personal legacy dirtied by his cover-ups of that abuse. He'll just walk away from it. Am I shocked and grieving? Are you?

F is for... Feminazi.

One of my favourite ever days was the day I found this website. A WHOLE SITE dedicated to slut-shaming women who think they're equal to men! This brought me a lot of lolz.

T is for... Tories and Tampons.

Been struggling this week with some British politics (for a change!). I'm guessing you've all heard about Claire Perry's attempts to get all parents invading the privacy of their teenagers?... Ok, that was hyperbolic, so let me fill you in...

Claire Perry, David Cameron’s new adviser on childhood (and the Tories’ answer to Harriet Harman) has stated that parents should insist on seeing their children’s texts and internet exchanges.

G is for... Gun Control.

The reason I haven't done this post sooner is firstly out of respect, I suppose. Probably my thoughts on this are likely to be quite controversial, perhaps insensitive, and given the tragic circumstances of the Newtown shooting, I didn't want this to be "too soon".

Secondly, things started kicking off with Piers Morgan, so I decided to take a back seat and see what came of that... Then I was going to do this post last week, but something bad happened to Bieber, so I had to pay my respects to him... Hence, the lateness of this post. But here it is: a focus on gun law in America.

C is for... Cutting for Bieber.

Hadn’t really scheduled this post, but since it’s current…

I don’t know how many of you noticed the #Cut4Beiber or #cuttingforbeiber trend on Twitter on Monday? It seemed that following the release of photos suggesting that Justin Bieber was smoking marijuana at a party…

…the hashtag #cuttingforbieber started showing up all over Twitter suggesting a protest against the star's alleged drug use by way of self-injury.

H is for... Hunter Moore.

Happy New Year, folks! I know I've been a bit AWOL of late, HOWEVER, I am officially BACK and have a whole schedule of posts coming up for you guys, so I'm looking forward to spending a bit more time with you! In 2013 my aim is to work harder than I play, so hopefully, we should have a productive year..!

Anyway, this post is obviously (title self-explanatory) about the "Most Hated Man on the Internet": Hunter Moore. Now, if you haven't heard of him (you must have been living under a rock), I think you're in for a treat - it's quite the story!

Hunter Moore owned the website isanyoneup.com, which was basically a revenge porn site - and that is what he's most famous(/hated) for. Any of you who are unclear as to what revenge porn is, let me refer you to Urban Dictionary:

But we'll come on to that a bit later. Let's start at the beginning....

S is for... Sex for Scholarship.

JESUS CHRIST! Have you guys seen the Independent investigation into the website trading university scholarships for sex?

When I was first told about this website (SponsorAScholar.co.uk) - where students are being offered up to £15,000 a year to cover their tuition fees in exchange for sex with a stranger - I was firstly like "Jeez, if a girl wants to sleep with a man for money, just let her already!! It's her choice.", and secondly I was like "Why wasn't this an available option when I was at uni?!". I'M JOKING.

W is for... Women and Casual Sex

So, the much talked about results of my casual sex poll are in! Take a look...

I had a really good response from everyone and I'm really grateful so many people participated in this!! Thank you :D. Definitely something I will consider doing again in the future.

The only problem is that it's hardly unanimous, is it?! Like, I can't really draw a determined conclusion from this set of results. But I kind of think it highlights a key point - some women can have casual, no strings attached (NSA) sex, and some women can't. Let's discuss...